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Based in Columbia, MO we are one of Missouri's top custom website design companies. Whether your business is looking for a basic website design or a custom e-commerce website, Real Virtual Advertising can help you expose your business to the world. We provide our customers with custom web design and custom programming services. With an award-winning staff of professional designers, we can also assist you with everything else including logo design, flash web design, database development, virtual tours and much more.

Real Virtual Advertising only builds custom websites for all of our clients. All of our web designs are original and customized to the exact specifications desired by our clients. When you purchase a custom website from us, you can be assured that your website will be unique. You can also be assured that your website will not be just like your competition. With all of our websites being custom built, our team of designers can program your website with lean code designed for fast browser loading, cross platform usability and search engine friendly indexing.

Our Approach To Website Design

Define Our Goals:  This is where we have a personal meeting with our client to establish the goals for the website and gather additional information needed to fulfill the clients needs. After this we define a specific project time frame and set an affordable client budget.

Develop A Look:  Here is where we begin the visual design phase allowing our designers to stretch their imaginations. During this phase, navigation, functionality, and the feel of the website is addressed.

Develop The Site:  Once the design phase is approved and the look and feel fit the needs of the client, our programmers begin building the web pages. Graphics and content are coded into the pages and optimized for quick download times and multi-platform compatibility.

Test The Product:  Our solutions have to work in a variety of environments. We use many of the web industry's standard practices to thoroughly test your solution for quality, usability, accuracy and functionality.

Launch The Product:  The work has a final client approval and the project is transformed from a development and testing environment into a live production environment. Our customers can then enjoy their new website.

Manage The Site:  When everything is live, the work is not done. We stay on top of the solutions we offer and manage the server that it runs on. We analyze feedback and refine the solution as our client's situation changes. Our goal is total satisfaction for our customers.

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