Professional Link Building Campaigns

Real Virtual Advertising offers quality link building campaigns for businesses across the country. Building quality links back to your website is a very important part to achieving high search engine rankings. A great looking website that is professionally designed, programmed and search engine optimized can't succeed without quality backlinks. Most website owners don't understand the proper way to build links back to their site. You can't just go out and get a bunch of links all over the internet and go to the top of the search engines. No, it takes quality reciprocal links and one-way links to make your website successfull. This is where our firm can drastically help you. We will handle the entire campaign from start to finish. We will also provide analytics so that you can track your campaign every step of the way.

Our professional link building campaigns can contain all different types of link building techniques. At the beginning of any project, we do indepth research on the current links that you have pointing back to your site. This allows us to establish a benchmark for the success of your campaign. Our research allows us to see how many backlinks your site has and the quality of them, as well. We will also determine if you have more reciprocal or one-way links. After we have fully examined your sites current backlink status, we can start to plan a campaign to fit your websites needs. All of our campaigns are tailored to your sites exact needs. Contact us today to discuss what we can do to help your website succeed.

Building Links For Your Website

Link Popularity

The links that point to your site from external websites help search engines recognize the popularity of your website. You can think of link popularity as kind of like running a political campaign. The more people that you can get to link, or you might say vote for your site, the higher your website will rank. However, this doesn't mean that you go out and get 1,000 sites to link and you will be number one on Google. You need some quality links in order to achieve a top ranking position. Quality links are those that have relative content to your site and are popular, as well. You wouldn't want to link a furniture website to a sunglass website. You want to keep your links relevant to your website content. Anchor text is also very important. This precisely describes what your link is about. When you are using good links, your SEO ranking will improve drastically for you over time.

Correct Linking Methods

Just like anything else you do, you want to start out on the right foot. You don't want to go out and join every link exchange you come across the first week. Google, Yahoo and other search engines are much smarter than you would expect. If you go out and join a link exchange program and they see 1,000 links all containing the same exact anchor text, they will for sure know that you did not gain these naturally. Natural hard earned links are the only ones that count. These links will ensure the success of your website in the long run. You will also need to get some great one-way links to your site. These are links that only point to your website and your site doesn't link back to that site. Make sure that you keep your site focused and be creative. Good quality links will help you get good traffic and improve your rankings.

Link Building Campaign

Building a strong campaign is crucial to getting better SEO rankings. You must first determine whether you have any current backlinks pointing to your website. When you have done this, you can then determine if you need more quality links. You can create reciprocal links between your site and another, but make sure that it is completely relevant to your site. Create some good articles that you can submit weekly to attract some great one-way links. It takes a little work, but blogging can create a good source of links. Go into some user forums and chat with others in your industry. By having your signature in each of your forum posts, you can create some decent one-way links as well. One thing to remember is, stay away from link exchange programs and paid links. These can get your site headed in a downward direction quickly. The best way is to create some great unique content on your site to attract links.

Link Baiting

Link bait is great unique content that will attract visitors to your site. If your website contains good pertinent information, then others will find it and hopefully link to your site. This is what is considered link baiting. Be creative and come up some type of information that is unique to your website and not like the same content found on all your competitors websites. Sometimes giving something away for free can generate alot of buzz.

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