Pay Per Click Management

Real Virtual Advertising can customize a quality pay per click campaign that returns income and increases company awareness. Every PPC campaign needs to be managed on a weekly basis and this takes alot of time for most companies. When doing pay per click advertising, bid wars can get very heated and rankings can change multiple times in a single day. Do you want to risk paying too much for a keyword or the potential of losing that potential buyer because your ad was positioned too far down the results page? Or, would you rather have a professional firm like ours handle your pay per click advertising? Do you have the time and knowledge to handle thousands of keywords that are needed across multiple search providers? We will do all the work for you and provide you with professional keyword research for your campaign as well.

When running a pay per click campaign, you have to pay attention to alot of detail. All aspects of your business need to be figured in before getting started. For example, if you are selling a product that you profit $20.00 on and you have another product that you only profit $15.00 on, you don't want to be paying the same price per click for the less profitable product than you are for the more profitable product. You also need to know the exact keywords search engine users are using to buy your product or service online. General keywords can kill a pay per click campaign fast. Don't blow all your money the first week, let our professionals help.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Using pay per clicks (PPC) allows you to have your website displayed on major search engines. These are sponsored links that you see at the top, bottom or right side of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Your ad ranking is determined by an open bidding system. It is also determined by the quality of your ad. It is not just whoever bids highest, gets the highest position. Yes, someone bidding much more has a higher chance but when bidding is close, quality will determine the rankings. Making the most of your PPC campaign will keep you one step ahead of your competition.

Step 1: Discovery

You need to make a budget of time and money that you want to devote to your pay per click campaign. You can run a PPC campaign to determine how well your keywords are converting and then put those keywords into your organic search engine optimization strategy. Picking the wrong keywords can be detrimental to the success of your site when it comes to running pay per click advertising. A keyword is a word or phrase that your consumers are using to search for the information they want or what they are looking to purchase. You don't want to bid alot on a keyword that is general and not generally used to purchase a product. For instance, if you are running an event ticket advertising campaign, the keyword concert tickets isn't going to convert sales like the keyword Justin Timberlake tickets. Yes the keyword concert tickets will bring more traffic, but if it doesn't bring any sales, your losing alot of money fast.

Step 2: Design

Online advertising guarantees you immediate exposure directly to your target audience. You must have a design phase for your pay per click campaign. The phase has to include: modeling the keywords in terms of conversion rates and monthly counts, choosing which PPC engines to use and choosing which web pages your PPC ad should take the user to. You want to make the landing page that the user will first see when they click your ad to be as appealing as possible. You only have this one impression to persuade them to buy from you instead of the other fifty competor's websites. As your PPC campaign is used more, you can branch out to phrase and content Matching. Just make sure that when you are using these, that your bids should be lower.

Step 3: Development

You want to determine what your short- and long-term strategies are for your pay per click campaign. You must have a very attractive "sales pitch." It must be capable of grabbing the viewer's attention so that they want to click on your PPC ad. You want it to speak directly to them. For general keywords, you may want to link it to your homepage, but for more specific subjects, link your visitor to the direct page on your site that they are searching for. You also want to implement some analytic tools. There are free ones available online such as Google Analytics. You won't really know how your PPC campaign is doing if you can't measure it.

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